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How Not to Write a Hagiography for the Great Poet Du Fu 杜甫 in Contemporary China

Une conférence "How Not to Write a Hagiography for the Great Poet Du Fu杜甫 in Contemporary China", donnée par Ao WANG 王敖 (Associate Professor of East Asian Studies, Wesleyan University, USA) aura lieu le jeudi 22 novembre 2018 de 17:15 à 18:45 à l'Université Paris Diderot, salle 406B, Halle aux Farines.

Contact : Shuang XU

M. Wang Ao’s research focuses primarily on Chinese poetry and its intersections with other literary genres and intellectual fields. He is the author of Spatial Imaginaries in Mid-Tang China : Geography, Cartography, and Literature (Cambria Press, 2018).In this talk, he will discuss some common problems in the hagiographic mode of writing about The great Tang poet Du Fu杜甫 (712-770) in contemporary Chinese poetry. Then he will introduce some alternative approaches in two recent poems by Sun Wenbo 孫文波 (1959-) and Zang Di臧棣 (1964-). These poems not only respond to Du Fu and his legacy from new perspectives but also offer insights into the ever-present, problematic relationship between gushi古詩 (classical poetry) and xinshi新詩 (modern Chinese poetry written in the vernacular).

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